Promote trade and German-Senegalese business cooperation

The actions carried out by GESAMTMASCHE in Senegal are with the aim of bringing expertise and advice to the textile value chain. From the production of cotton to the realization of finished products (clothing, accessories, interior decoration), we bring to the actors of the textile industry our support by the means of the connection with various experts of the industry.

The major challenge of our project is to allow a revival of the textile industry in Senegal so that

the cotton industry is strengthened in terms of quality and sustainabilitythe Senegalese textile industry is more visible at the national level
the cotton industry registers a growth in its production as well as in its international exposurethe value chain of the textile industry is transparent and with better traceability

Our main objectives

Training and technical support

Provide demand-driven services such as advice, training, support and information related to the textile sector. This also includes the development of quality standards for cotton.

Trade promotion and transparency

In order to improve international competitiveness, the project aims to establish a sustainable, transparent and high quality textile supply chain as a pilot project.

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